Accepting the Challenge!

Over the past few months we have been working with a number of agencies to ensure Reach support for LIVING supports real change – an honest focus on ensuring good ordinary lives for all. That people challenge their thinking and practice in relation to Support for LIVING.

Initial workshops followed by Action Learning Sets have ensured that the challenges felt by participants, many managers in Local Authorities, are recognised and unpicked to ensure people feel freed to act and focus on the core principles of choosing who I live with, where I live, who supports me and how I live my life.

People are worried about resources and tired. One person recently said to us ‘can we afford to be so aspirational?’ Our response – is can we afford not to be?

There is little doubt that the people with most impact at the workshops we facilitate are our co-trianers who are self-advocates. Colleagues who have the strength to share so much of themselves and their experiences – their insight, honesty and thoughtfulness cuts right through any excuses for the ‘c**p’ that some people try and defend as ‘OK because…….’

What we love about our work is that we get to meet loads of people who – once supported, once given the opportunity, and ideas say how they feel re-connected with the ‘important stuff and with each other’ to work towards a future where all live good ordinary lives.

Importantly we get to go back, stay connected and support ongoing action. This is so important. Re-connecting Hearts and Minds, being reminded of the values that must underpin all we do – this is the relatively easy part. Supporting ongoing action, brave leadership, a sense of curiosity, genuine relationships and the strength to stop doing the stuff that limits …..that’s the real challenge!

Paradigm’s Leadership Lab, Creating Positive Cultures programme, Service Reviews and training are constantly engaging with people to find ways of accepting the challenge ‘head on’ and working together to shift, as John O’Brien calls it ‘the crazy stuff!’

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(This word cloud was created from some recent workshop feedback.)

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