Thinking about resourcefulness – the ability to find quick, snazzy or clever ways in challenging times

The Gr8 Support Movement is supported by a number of friends who now and again pose a question or challenge to stimulate debate and develop ideas for action. Have a look at this one from Julie Stansfield (In Control).

Why not download it and use it in a team meeting? Let us know what ideas a stimulated!

Julie starts with…..

So I am thinking ‘resourcefulness‘– the ability to find quick, snazzy or clever ways to overcome any difficulties or problems – which, let’s face it, in these times is needed! BUT circumstances are not your enemy…..
Being ‘resourceful’ means keeping an open mind and having a “can do” attitude to any problems or issues that arise. There are a number of strategies for problem solving… Click here to read more: Julie Stansfield Resourcefulness draft JG (2).compressed

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