We’ve got a life – Book & Film

Getta Life, a small organisation in Coventry which constantly demonstrates a style of support that enables people to be truly themselves. People who have previously been denied the freedom to live good ordinary lives.

We at Paradigm find their work inspirational and believe the book is a really helpful resource to both inspire, challenge and assist people to re-think what it is that enables good support to happen.

“Relationships are what matter in life; when they’re right, everything else is more likely to be right. (Sue Deeley and Julie Smith, Getta Life)”

The Book:
We’ve got a life – A book about how people with learning difficulties have discovered who they are and claimed back their lives.

This book set out to show what makes a difference when supporting people with learning difficulties. A book about Hope, Love, Moving forward, Growth and Healing. It demonstrates a style of support that enables people to be truly themselves.
This can be achieved by: “Getting a life”, “Right People”, “Right Place”, “Right Time”, “Right Relationships”. With all this anything is possible. The book tells you how you can do this.

The Film:
We’ve got a life – Four inspirational stories. The film compliments the book “We’ve got a life” and demonstrates how it all works in practise.

If you’re interesting in ordering the book or the film, or both, please contact us at admin@paradigm-uk.org or call 020 8870 8643. The price is £15 + postage each.

Alternatively, you can order the book and film by contacting Getta Life directly by emailing gettalifeadmin@btconnect.com or call 02476 632349.

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