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I just wanted to share a powerful moment in our Intensive Interaction workshop with Janet Gurney (Us in a Bus) last week. Participants had been asked to reflect and see how they could put some of what they had learned on Day One of the course into practice before the second day.  In Day One Read More

Let’s not pretend

Every week our team spends time with self-advocates, family members, paid supporters, organisational managers and leaders. Every week, we hear people talk about their concern in relation to the reducing financial resources, the struggle with, and injustice of, block tendering, commissioners imposing ‘rules’ that limit any sense of individuality, of support teams not having heard Read More

Loneliness and the desire for a hug

Most weeks a moment, a conversation, a look stays with us.  Last week, for us, it was a conversation with a man about his deep sense of loneliness, his desire for a hug. A life in service land, a life of rules around him to ‘protect him’ and people not truly listening to recognise such Read More

Talking about love

Connecting people, ideas and action.

We love the variety of the work we are invited to facilitate.   Our work is driven by our desire to ensure good ordinary lives for all.   How do we do this?  By connecting people, ideas and action!   Every week our team, including eight associates who are Experts by Experience, travel the country Read More

Let’s be fierce not furious

There are times when Social Media (twitter etc.) seems too much for me. But as I was coping with all my thoughts and feelings about the election, being able to share thoughts, read and listen to others has been so reassuring, encouraging and supportive. Anger, fear, disappointment, tiredness and more emotions are being expressed.  Feelings Read More


Accepting the Challenge!

Over the past few months we have been working with a number of agencies to ensure Reach support for LIVING supports real change – an honest focus on ensuring good ordinary lives for all. That people challenge their thinking and practice in relation to Support for LIVING. Initial workshops followed by Action Learning Sets have Read More


Without regular reflection innovative organisations can soon become “run of the mill”. It’s important to invite an ‘external pair of eyes’ to look at what support is being provided, how it is being provided, and whether this support is consistent with the organisation’s values and philosophy. This Service Review draws out ideas from a full Read More


Top tips for making the most of our training

Our training will inspire and make a difference BUT it is so important that you to be so clear about what you want to achieve from our training. Here are some top tips to help you plan and drive action after training. Top Tips to make the most of your training

top tips

My blog is to share the Bringing Us Together Blog

I have just read the blog ‘Letters I have never sent’ from ‘Bringing Us Together’. I was so moved that I decided to share it here. I have been baffled for decades about how we have ‘human services’ that are often so far from human. Systems that override the natural, that de-value family, love and Read More

bringing us together

‘Are you prepared to resist limitations?’

As part of our Inclusive Leadership Lab we hosted a great online conversation with Nan Carle chatting with John O’Brien. The aim of the conversation was to bring to life the first of the five Principles of Inclusive Leadership developed by Nan Carle.  So this week our focus was on  ‘Managing Meaning’. Now, a much Read More


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“The course was mind-blowing, inspiring, nurturing, challenging, emotional, motivating and rewarding (to name just a few things)." Marie-Claire

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