We said, “No!”

Last week Sally Warren from Paradigm attended two wonderful events, she was with her colleague and self advocate Jackie Downer, they were part of a panel and the question they were posed was, “Was the care industry fit for purpose?”… The answer was, “No!” Here’s a video where Sally explains why? ‘We must stop people being Read More


Being Free?

One week we ago we were talking about BEING FREE. Today? We have just had a conversation with a man who works for a small provider, truly focused on the individuals they support and their communities. He was telling us that a number of the people they support are being transferred with no choice, to Read More

‘Do people have to pay for their support with their freedom?’

Yesterday 48 members of the Paradigm National Ordinary Life for All Network came together to drive forward the work of the network. John O’Brien facilitated the workshop in his usual insightful, unassuming but incredible way. The theme…..developing policies and procedures to ensure ordinary lives for all. There is so much I would like to say Read More

Still Flabbergasted by Policies and Procedures.

Paradigm is passionate about ensuring ordinary lives for all. The journey to reinstate this dialogue began two years ago with a workshop facilitated by John O’Brien, Reconnecting Hearts and Minds. This event inspired us to create the national ‘Ensuring an Ordinary Life for All Network’. Since then there has been a continuing groundswell of talk, ideas Read More

Call to Action

Welcome to Paradigm’s first blog.  I, Sally, will share news, ideas, concerns and opinions with you.  Other colleagues and friends will also contribute.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts so please do share. There were many things we were going to write about in our first Blog ….lots of positives BUT , like many Read More

Family Rights, Citizenship and Mental Capacity

Many thanks to Bringing Us Together for inviting me, Sally, to this workshop today. In the Ordinary Life network we have listened to families sharing their concerns and their feelings of being excluded. Most recently the feeling of being invisible expressed by Chris’ Mum (see Chris’ Voice) Whilst some practitioners exclude families unintentionally…..this is not Read More

We must NEVER settle for anything less…

Thank you to Rosemary over at the Community Living Magazine, who recently posted a saddening, yet inspiring video that came about after the death of Connor Sparrowhawk in his care home. As Rosemary says, “This short but telling film – sadly this is what too often is found in so-called Assessment and Treatment units – because Read More

Re-connecting hearts and minds the start of the Ordinary Life for All Network

In 2012 at Paradigm’s we were getting more and more concerned about what we see as the ‘over professionalisation’ of support.   Systems and processes which get on the way of people living an ordinary life.   We decided to invite John O’Brien and David Towell to facilitate what we called the, ‘Re-connecting Heart and Read More

"Thank you!
Great event! "

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“The course was mind-blowing, inspiring, nurturing, challenging, emotional, motivating and rewarding (to name just a few things)." Marie-Claire

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