Intensive Interaction additional workshop (June/July 2018)

Due to high demand and our workshop in March/April being fully booked we are offering repeating the Workshop in June/July so people those who couldn’t get on the first course won’t be disappointed.

So….Paradigm in association with Janet Gurney from ‘Us in a Bus’ is offering an amazing 2 days Intensive Interaction workshop, where you can explore new ways of connecting and communicating with people with profound learning disabilities.

See here for all the information: Intensive Interaction Workshop 2 June 18

Intensive Interaction. (2 day workshop)

Paradigm in association with Janet Gurney from ‘Us in a Bus’ is offering an amazing 2 days Intensive Interaction workshop, where you can explore new ways of connecting and communicating with people with profound learning disabilities.

See here for all the information: Intensive Interaction Workshop 2018 copy

An Introduction to Reach Support for LIVING (Workshops)

Come and join others for this practical and engaging workshop introducing the Reach Standards (as recommended by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in ‘Registering the Right Support’ 2017)

The next workshop will be hosted in London on June 14th 2018 :
– Introduce you to Reach Support for LIVING
– Revisit the principles of Supported Living
– Encourage you to identify possible blocks, challenges and solutions and work out solutions together Consider the role of CQC in Supported Living
– Support your team to create a plan of action

See more information here: An intro to Reach Support for LIVING June 18

Reach Support for LIVING – In-house Training

This workshop, co-facilitated by Sally Warren (MD Paradigm) and an Expert by Experience, will introduce you to Reach resource pack. The Reach Standards are the only nationally recognised standards for Supported Living and welcomed by both local commissioners and Care Quality Commission.

In this practical workshop we will bring the resource to life, share tips, inspire and challenge each other to stay focused on the true principles of Support for LIVING.

Paradigm’s Managing Director, Sally Warren and an expert by experience will facilitate this course, designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation. The team will be working with up to 24 people from your organisation.

To see more details of this training, please see the flyer here: Reach Intro 2018 Team Training Day copy

To book this course:

Email: or

Call: 020 8870 8643

Supported Loving – A national network for sharing, learning and action

We regularly hear about support and creative initiatives across the country focusing on relationships and love BUT there is no national focus on sharing the work, the resources and connecting people to share ideas and develop their work. We are committed to connecting people, ideas and action!

Working alongside Claire Bates (Choice Support) and Michelle McCarthy (Tizard Centre) we are launching this national network to ensure we share, learn and act together accross the country.   To see info about the Supported Loving national network click here:

Supported Loving – A National Network PDF copy

In the Thick of It – A Personalised Programme for Today’s Leaders

Are you facing the toughest time that you can remember during your career? All the management theory tells us that excellent leadership is a crucial ingredient if we want to get excellent results. Austerity has brought with it enormous additional challenges for leaders in social care; never has there been a time in our sector when great leadership is as important!

At Paradigm, we exist to support organisations that work with people with learning disabilities in their role as catalysts for real and positive change. Right now we find ourselves required to deliver much more with far fewer resources.
We know that inspiring and effective leadership is one of the keys to meeting this challenge. That’s why we are stepping into this space at this time.

You may be new to your role and would value someone helping you to work through your challenges, or equally much ‘longer in the tooth’ and would value some fresh inspiration.
Either way, we are here to help with a brand new Paradigm coaching offer.

You can set to work on your issues with one of three highly experienced sector leaders, who are still out there ‘in the thick of it’ wrestling with the same challenges as you.

for more information about the course, please visit: In the thick of it 



Without regular reflection innovative organisations can soon become “run of the mill”. It’s important to invite an ‘external pair of eyes’ to look at what support is being provided, how it is being provided, and whether this support is consistent with the organisation’s values and philosophy.

This Service Review draws out ideas from a full range of people (people who receive support, family members, staff and commissioners) to identify the unique strengths of your organisation and to shape a set of recommendations to form the basis of your future development.

See the Stop, Reflect and Agree what next course flyer here:  Service Review – STOP, REFLECT AND AGREE WHAT NEXT

We must NEVER settle for anything less…

Thank you to Rosemary over at the Community Living Magazine, who recently posted a saddening, yet inspiring video that came about after the death of Connor Sparrowhawk in his care home.

As Rosemary says, “This short but telling film – sadly this is what too often is found in so-called Assessment and Treatment units – because it’s not a place which makes any sense to people already struggling. What they need is the right kind of help in the place they want to be in by people who care….. with contingency plans ready if there’s a crisis – and local mental health and physical health beds with proper adjustments if they are ill.”

We must NEVER settle for anything less.

Follow the latest on the 107 Days of Action blog to see how important action really is.


Re-connecting hearts and minds the start of the Ordinary Life for All Network

In 2012 at Paradigm’s we were getting more and more concerned about what we see as the ‘over professionalisation’ of support.   Systems and processes which get on the way of people living an ordinary life.   We decided to invite John O’Brien and David Towell to facilitate what we called the, ‘Re-connecting Heart and Mind’ workshop.   John asked the group this question: ‘What threatens an organisation’s ability to support relationships that connect the heart and the mind?’

The discussion that followed was powerful.  Engaging our hearts and minds, highlighted the potential negative power of the service system and reminded us that it is all of us – the people supported, families, community and paid staff – not government or regulators who have the ability to remove the barriers to the ordinary life that so many people want.

The people the workshop committed to creating a network to ensure some action – the start of the Ensuring an Ordinary Life Network.  To read the summary of the days conversation and the resulting action see the Ordinary Life section of our website.

By a slightly random set of connections (always the best) Steve Coogan ended up coming along to the end of the day.  Hence the photo.  It’s a long story!

We are in process of preparing the workshop and activity programme for Ordinary Life Network in 2014/15.  If you are interested in becoming a member contact:

"Thank you!
Great event! "

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“The course was mind-blowing, inspiring, nurturing, challenging, emotional, motivating and rewarding (to name just a few things)." Marie-Claire

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