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“It’s About Everyone” – A workshop and webinar series with Getta Life and Paradigm

As part of our work sharing Inclusive Learning and Innovation we are focusing on how to create and sustain organisations that are truly focused on each of the individuals it supports. Paradigm, in partnership with Getta Life, is exploring how new support agencies can be born and how larger organisations can adopt and adapt innovations from effective and creative small enterprises such as Getta Life.

The programme includes an introductory workshop, 8 webinars and a final workshop (and a copy of  the new book ‘We’ve Got A Life’) to reflect and plan what next for participating teams.  The cost for a team of four if £960.  We encourage teams  to include someone supported, a family member, a senior manager etc.

For full information see the flyer: its-about-everyone-workshop-and-webinar-programme-paradigm-2016

If you want to know more give Sally a call on 07792405976 to have a chat about the series.

Achieving compliance with the Care Act – Community Living’s 7th legal seminar led by Belinda Schwehr, LLM

Too few councils are meeting their obligations under the Care Act. For example, failure to provide independent advocates means many people are left without support to challenge council decisions about their care.

Belinda will cover legal and illegal cuts to budgets or services in the context of revision of care plans, funded advocacy, carers’ right to support/services, and charging developments, particularly in relation to publicly funded transport services.

This is your opportunity to hear from an expert in social care law. As the whole day is led by Belinda there is plenty of opportunity for discussion of individual problems.

For more information please see the flyer here: Seminar promo 2016

Be Free 2016

Be Free with us in 2016!  Tickets are now ON SALE for Be Free 16 from 13th – 15th September.

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To see information about the event click here: Be Free 2016 flyer  and see the Be Free guide photosheet 2016

To download and print your booking form click here:Be Free Festival booking form 2016 PDF

NEWSFLASH Christmas Special! £10 off your full BeFree16 ticket, if you book before the 31st of January 2016

Christmas Special

Any questions give us a call:  020 8870 8643  or e-mail



Person Centred Thinking (Train the Trainer)

Person Centred

Everyone involved in a person’s life needs to have the respect of each person’s individuality, a belief in citizenship, the ability to support a person to truly shape their life and the desire to support people to have the same rights and responsibilities as anyone else. Person Centred Thinking focuses on these values and beliefs which underpin our work and approaches when planning and supporting anyone.

This course developed and delivered by Sally Warren (Paradigm) and Sammy Butcher (trainer and expert by experience), provides an opportunity to have two people from your organisation develop the skills to offer in-house training to your wider team to ensure ALL know and bring these values to life.  We ENCOURAGE one of your team to be a self-advocate, maybe someone you support who has and interest in developing their training skills.

Participants will receive a full training pack with all they require to deliver the course; exercises, a detailed course outline, presentations on a memory stick and presentation notes.

See the Person Centred Thinking (Train the Trainer) course flyer here: person-centred-thinking-2016-copy

Supported Living (Train the Trainer)

Supported Living

Paradigm is passionate about enhancing and improving the quality of Supported Living, or as we now describe it, Support for LIVING. This, the only course of its kind in the UK, is designed to enable staff and self-advocates to become trainers in their own agencies developing a more profound understanding of quality support for living an ordinary life.

A key component of the course is the experiences and energy the participants bring. The sharing of challenges and the desire to find solutions together!

This new course, developed in partnership with the Choice Support Quality Checkers, will be co-facilitated AND introduce you to Reach Support for Living launched in November 2013.

Organisations are expected to send two representatives – a staff member and someone who is an expert through direct experience of support. The course numbers are restricted to six teams.

See the Supported Living (Train the Trainer) course flyer here: Supported Living (Train the Trainer) July 2015

Community Workshops in Wandsworth

Community workshops

Working with Generate ( and Brandon Trust (, Paradigm, a national development agency are glad to be able to offer four community workshops (‘What does good support look like for you?’, ‘Planning for the future’,  ‘Families at the Heart’, ‘Thinking about Housing Options’) for people with learning disabilities, families and supporters in Wandsworth.

Nationally, there is so much happening to ensure people are supported to live good ordinary lives. These practical, informative and fun workshops are designed to share ideas and action from around the country AND to connect local people to support local action!

See the Community Workshops in Wandsworth flyer here: Wandsworth Workshops Final Feb

Families at the heart – Wandsworth Workshops


Katie Clarke and Deb Aspland from ‘Bringing Us Together’( will share with you some stories and practical ideas for staying in control and getting the best for your young person or adult.

Both are mums with lots of experience in dealing with appointments and professionals!!!

See the Families at the Heart course flyer here: Families at the heart – Wandsworth Workshops



Without regular reflection innovative organisations can soon become “run of the mill”. It’s important to invite an ‘external pair of eyes’ to look at what support is being provided, how it is being provided, and whether this support is consistent with the organisation’s values and philosophy.

This Service Review draws out ideas from a full range of people (people who receive support, family members, staff and commissioners) to identify the unique strengths of your organisation and to shape a set of recommendations to form the basis of your future development.

See the Stop, Reflect and Agree what next course flyer here:  Service Review – STOP, REFLECT AND AGREE WHAT NEXT

Wills and Trusts (Planning for the future)


Parents and families often tell us that planning for the future with and for their family member with a learning disability is very hard. Many families say they are not sure what is possible or available. Some say they are too scared to look ahead.

At this workshop:

  • Julie Shwarz from the Wills and Trust team at Mencap will guide you through some of the ways of planning for the future and
  • Pru Abrahams (HCL Hane & Co) a local solicitor with experience of drafting wills and trusts for the benefit of people with a learning disability will also be at the workshop, ready to answer any questions that you may have with regards to your family will.

Please see the Wills and Trusts course flyer here: Wills and Trusts Workshop April 15

Reach (Standards) Support for LIVING (An Introduction)


This workshop, co-facilitated by Sally Warren (MD Paradigm) and Eveline Peates (a Quality Checker and Expert by Experience) will introduce you to new Reach resource. We will bring the resource to life, share tips, inspire and challenge each other to stay focused on the true principles of support for living

Launched in November 2013 Reach: Support for living an ordinary life was developed to:
  • – Clarify the standards of support for living to ensure that ‘supported living’ doesn’t become a model that people can simply tick as ‘achieved’.
  • – Ensure that in the current climate of dwindling financial resources and tightening budgets, we remain committed to quality support
  • – Show how Reach can be useful to people with direct payments or personal budgets.
  • – Ensure we all focus on supporting ordinary lives based on Human Rights.
  • You can find out more about the course here: Reach workshops 2016

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