Reach Member Resources

Reach Member Resources

Updated Privacy Policy (GDPR) May 2018

This privacy policy sets out how Paradigm collects and uses any information you may give us when you visit this website, as well as how we may disclose that information, and how you can control the collection, correction and/or deletion of that information.

Your privacy is our priority and we go to great lengths to protect it. Any information we collect about you will always be handled securely and in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act (1998) and all other relevant legislation.

To read the full policy please click here: Paradigm_privacy-policy

Registering the Right Support (CQC)

This Policy Guidance from CQC aims to ensure that there is a consistent approach to registration and that their expectations are clear to registration applicants. Registration managers and inspectors will use this statement to guide their assessments of providers of services for people with a learning disability and/or autism, and to decide whether to grant or refuse registration applications or applications to make variations to registration.

One of the questions people are asked to address (pg 19) is: Do the arrangements meet the Reach Standards and the Real Tenancy test? ARE YOU ACTIVELY using Reach? Click here to read the paper: Registering the RIGHT support

Intensive Interaction additional workshop (June/July 2018)

Due to high demand and our workshop in March/April being fully booked we are offering repeating the Workshop in June/July so people those who couldn’t get on the first course won’t be disappointed.

So….Paradigm in association with Janet Gurney from ‘Us in a Bus’ is offering an amazing 2 days Intensive Interaction workshop, where you can explore new ways of connecting and communicating with people with profound learning disabilities.

See here for all the information: Intensive Interaction Workshop 2 June 18

Supported Loving the and Gr8 connection (Radio Interview)

Wonderful interview about supporting people to find Love with Claire Bates! Claire founded the Supported Loving Network and we at Paradigm are so pleased to be working with Claire and supporting it’s development.

Claire covers so many important issues and essentially focuses on the desire of all of us to belong and to be loved. Claire also celebrates the wonderful support workers across the country making great stuff happen!

Listen from about 11 mins. (ps… Claire manages to mention the Gr8 Support Movement!!)

Here is the link: Supported Loving Radio Interview

Love, Sex and Relationships Policy & Guidelines plus How Best to Support Me

We are an advocacy group in Chorley called ‘Voice for All’ and for the past couple of years we have been championing and campaigning for people with a learning disability to learn more about and enjoy friendships, love, sex and relationships.

Last year we were fortunate enough to be involved in a joint training course and programme for both self-advocates and support staff called ‘Y be Shy about Sex’. This was a fantastic opportunity for us all to talk openly and learn together about things like our bodies, friendships, dating, types of relationships, sex and sexuality, staying safe etc.

We were also invited by our care provider to write for them a National Staff Policy about ‘Sex and Relationships’ and since then we have written and published an easy read guide and policy called ‘Love, Sex and Relationships’.  

Since then we have written and published a leaflet about ‘How best to support me with Friendships and Relationships’.  We are very happy to be able to share them with the Supported Loving Network.

Please see the both documents here:  

VFA How best to support me – Friendships and Relationships – 2017

Love, Sex and Relationships – BOC Easy Read Policy and Guidelines – Feb 2017

We’ve got a life – Book & Film

Getta Life, a small organisation in Coventry which constantly demonstrates a style of support that enables people to be truly themselves. People who have previously been denied the freedom to live good ordinary lives.

We at Paradigm find their work inspirational and believe the book is a really helpful resource to both inspire, challenge and assist people to re-think what it is that enables good support to happen.

“Relationships are what matter in life; when their right, everything else is more likely to be right. (Sue Deeley and Julie Smith, Getta Life)”

The Book:
We’ve got a life – A book about how people with learning difficulties have discovered who they are and claimed back their lives.

This book set out to show what makes a difference when supporting people with learning difficulties. A book about Hope, Love, Moving forward, Growth and Healing. It demonstrates a style of support that enables people to be truly themselves.
This can be achieved by: “Getting a life”, “Right People”, “Right Place”, “Right Time”, “Right Relationships”. With all this anything is possible. The book tells you how you can do this.

The Film:
We’ve got a life – Four inspirational stories. The film compliments the book “We’ve got a life” and demonstrates how it all works in practise.

If you’re interesting in ordering the book or the film, or both, please contact us at or call 020 8870 8643. The price is £15 + postage each.

Alternatively, you can order the book and film by contacting Getta Life directly by emailing or call 02476 632349.

Individual Service Design

Enable me

No two people are the same.  Ensuring people are supported to design and plan their life with those they love and trust is the very foundation of good support.  This practical course introduces people to Individual Service Design and the skills for facilitation. 

Reach support for living slides from the Spring 2014 workshops

Here are is the Reach information presented at the Reach support for living workshops from April – June 2014.  Please do use them to support the use of Reach where ever you are.  Click the title to access the download or click here Reach support to living workshops for participants


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