Paradigm’s team are committed to designing their offer to meet the needs to each customer. We listen. We spend time to ensure clear outcome is agreed. We facilitate in an engaging, personal and creative way to ensure people’s hearts and minds are engaged. Just as importably we ask people to engage their hands in action! It is always good to get feedback…compliments are great….stories of positive action even better!!!!

“Thank you for sending the new REACH materials. They are excellent and I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the idea that we are talking about a process rather than an event; a conversation rather than a checklist.”

Peter, Operations Manager Bristol

The leadership team were so anxious about hearing the initial report following the Service review.  It was challenging. However, the style of the report and the skillful facilitation by Owen actually made it a really positive team building experience leading to real change” (Manager in Wales)

Mark, Senior Manager Wales

I just wanted to write and say thank you for making sure families were involved in the workshop in Sussex recently.  So often I feel that as a Mother I just get the polite, ‘we know what we are doing’, comments from professionals.  It was so good to be part of the workshop and hear the passionate exchange of ideas, opinions, concerns from a number of professionals.  Believe it or not, this passion, the energy and the desire to work out the best way, rather than pretend ‘we’ know was reassuring.  I just wish family members were involved in the reality more often.  Great facilitation by the way!

Jan, Mother Sussex

Thank you so much to your team for facilitating TRULY individual services designs for six people we support.  The process and the designs created showed deep listening to the wishes and needs of both the person and those important to them.  The  families have been so positive saying ‘It is one of the first times we have felt really included.’ The good news is that the plans are now being put into action and we have a very clear plan to share with the LA who were pushing to ‘fit people in’ to what they had available.

Susan, CEO London

Paradigm ……you are an inspiration…….you keep be sane in my discussions with a very big system !!!


Andrew,  Facebook follower!

‘Thank you so much – really enjoyable. You’re an inspiration – you have reignited my enthusiasm’

Zoe, Support worker Manchester

Thanks so much for a great day.  I got so much out of it but the ideas have just been stimulated…now I need to act.  Please make sure you feed back to the management team the issues we ‘parked’….these need resolving so we can really support each person in a personal way.

Sanjeev, Leicester Kent

"Thank you!
Great event! "

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“The course was mind-blowing, inspiring, nurturing, challenging, emotional, motivating and rewarding (to name just a few things)." Marie-Claire

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