Eileen Flavelle

Eileen is an Associate Consultant with Paradigm.

Her background is in Learning Disability Nursing and she has been involved in the lives of people with a learning Disability for 37 years. She initiated setting standards of good practice for supporting people with a learning disability in NHS. She also worked for South and West Devon Health Authority and was instrumental in changing services in Plymouth and Devon, moving people out of NHS provision and into homes of their own.

Eileen has been Chief Executive of a specialist not for profit provider, restructuring the organisation, developing the organisation’s brand and reputation nationally to be recognised as an example of good practice and innovation in support provision. The specialist area of provision was supporting people with a learning disability who have a forensic history or offending behaviour. She enabled people with these reputations to move from hospital into their own homes in the community.

Eileen is passionate about people with a learning disability having the good things in life that they want, having relationships and friendships in their community and making their own choices and decisions with the support they need. She has a very strong values base and her focus is always the person and what they want.

Eileen lives in Plymouth with her partner and they have one son. Eileen enjoys watching football, rugby and tennis. Her main hobby is genealogy.

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