An Ordinary Life for All

In 2012 at Paradigm’s ‘Re-connecting Heart and Mind’ workshop, John O’Brien asked the group this question: ‘What threatens an organisation’s ability to support relationships that connect the heart and the mind?’

The discussion that followed was powerful.  Engaging our hearts and minds, highlighted the potential negative power of the service system and reminded us that it is all of us – the people supported, families, community and paid staff – not government or regulators who have the ability to remove the barriers to the ordinary life that so many people want.

To keep the connections alive and to support positive action, Paradigm invited people to participate in a national network that examine how it might be possible to ensure an ordinary life for all.  The aim of the network was to:

  • create a vision of an ordinary life for all
  • explore what currently obstructs people and what helps them live ordinary lives
  • support each other to identify action that would make a difference and then commit to carrying out the actions 

The network continues.  The learning and action from the network influences the work of Paradigm.  Here you will find some of the learning, ideas, and action stories.   Ordinary Life Network members also have access to the ‘Members only area’ if you are interested in finding out more about becoming a member please connect or



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