Family Rights, Citizenship and Mental Capacity

Many thanks to Bringing Us Together for inviting me, Sally, to this workshop today.

In the Ordinary Life network we have listened to families sharing their concerns and their feelings of being excluded. Most recently the feeling of being invisible expressed by Chris’ Mum (see Chris’ Voice)

Whilst some practitioners exclude families unintentionally…..this is not always the case and families are consciously excluded. So wrong.

So many powerful stories shared today…some positive BUT so many showing we must ALL ensure that people stop seeing ‘person centred’ as excluding family OR seeing Family Rights as overpowering the ‘rights’ of the disabled family member.

Family, is family, is family – none are perfect BUT that is where the life long love is.

Read the blog from today by Katie Clarke, Pippa Murray and Simon Duffy below.

For many of us our years of involvement and knowledge of our own children and the systems they encounter brings us a deep insight into our children’s well-being. We know what makes them happy, how …
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