Being Free?

One week we ago we were talking about BEING FREE.

Today? We have just had a conversation with a man who works for a small provider, truly focused on the individuals they support and their communities.

He was telling us that a number of the people they support are being transferred with no choice, to another provider who have ‘won the contract.’ The tendering process doesn’t appear to have truly involved the very people whose lives will be affected by the change. Do the minimum consultation standards authorities are required to meet really give people a voice and a choice…..or the power to stop or influence the whole process?

Is it all about price and if so, what is the price on people’s lives?

We get angry every time we hear about such awful treatment of people. Apparently Direct Payments are not offered automatically and people don’t appear to know about their right to access them. Personal budgets… well ‘we, the LA are not quite ready yet!’ BUT these are the very roots to people taking control of their lives and their support.

We have offered our support to challenge and strengthen the voices of individuals, as surprise surprise there is no decent advocacy support available.

Last week people experienced real freedom and choice, at the Paradigm Be Free Festival. THIS week people are having a letter arrive through their letterbox (Will it be in easy read?) informing them that they have been sold to another provider.

We all have to be a part to play.

What shall we do together to bring such practice to an end?

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One thought on “Being Free?”

  1. The main conversation is response to this blog taking place on Facebook but we thought we’d share this here. We know of more and more agencies who simply won’t tender for new contracts in this way. They re-tender where necessary to continue supporting people they currently support BUT DO NOT compete for the lives of others. SURELY one of the ways for change to happen is for people to refuse to participate in such processes. We know the economic argument agencies use….but it doesn’t hold for us. It reminds me of a presentation by Janet Klees recently where she said it is about ‘operating through principles, rather than policies’.

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