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Join the Movement! Most organisations accept that mandatory training is not enough to develop and retain great support workers, yet recognise the potentially pivotal and innovative part that a support worker can play in the life of someone with a learning disability and/or autism. Whilst value-led internal training can help, great support work is still too often in high demand but short supply, and the competing demands on time and resources make it difficult for organisations, in isolation, to improve the situation.

With the views of people with learning disabilities and/or autism ringing in our ears, Paradigm founded and launched the Gr8 Support Movement, in May 2017. The image here shows the essential skills people want in their supporters. Much more than ‘minimum standards training’! For the past 7 months 120 direct support staff and 21 organisations have piloted and co-designed a pioneering movement which recognises and seeks to support, for the first time, the wide-ranging and innovative role played by direct support staff in the lives of those they support.

The Movement is the first of its kind. It is value-based, thought provoking, encouraging and highly interactive.
It deploys contemporary methodologies to develop genuine connections and facilitate shared learning and mutual support across the membership. What do you get?_ The Movement encourages direct support workers to:

  • Consistently be the best they can be
  • Celebrate the Gr8 stuff by sharing and learning with others
  • Accept responsibility for their own practice and
  • Find alternative solutions with those they support and colleagues, despite all the current challenges placed on the sector.

  • Join us?
    With annual membership just £25 for a PA and from £400 (plus VAT) for an organisation’s team it’s an opportunity not to be missed! See: Gr8 Support information or just email Sally:

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