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Keep and eye on the Ordinary Lives for All video section of our new website. We’ll keep making our own short films AND share great films from people around the country! Films will be loaded on a weekly basis. PLEASE use to encourage thinking, discussion and action!

What is the social model of disability? – Scope video

In this film, prominent disabled people from the disability community are asked what is the social model of disability, and why is it important to them?

Sticks and Stones (Avenues Group Aug 2014)

Sticks and Stones is a stark illustration about the impact of negative labelling on people’s lives.
See the Person.
Made by Community Futures:

Everybody Hurts

A powerful film from Pembrokeshire People First. It highlights so much of the Ordinary Life network conversations ….. and the very ordinary things people want in their lives! We need to remove the blocks that get in the way.

The Importance of good supporters (Jackie Downer)

Jackie Downer (MBE), a friend and Associate of Paradigm explains the importance of good support AND some of the essential for her in relation to good support.

Our Ordinary Day Home, Work and School!

Our Ordinary Day filmed by Molly (Age 12)!

Supporting an Ordinary Life

The Supporting an Ordinary Life Network South East meeting 12.09.13 at Aldingbourne Country Centre

Jackie Downer, a Paradigm Associate and powerful speaker presents at the launch of the IK Disability History month in 2013.


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