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Gr8 Support Webinar March 28th: Community Circles in Action!

Many Change Makers have talked about the desire to offer Gr8 Support and real opportunities for people supported to live good lives as part of their community. ‘To have a life…not a service.’

No one wants to be surrounded all the time by people paid to be in their lives. We also know that in reality support hours are being cut so dramatically that paid support to live a full live just isn’t available. So many people are isolated and lonely.

We hear how organisations struggle to find ways of connecting with community members in a way that supports them to develop meaningful, Gr8 relationships with the people supported. What is it that limits us? What are we scared of?

Well Community Circles, a relatively new network/organisation is working to break down the barriers and connect people to ensure more and more opportunities and friendships are created.

We are really glad that Cath Barton from Community Circles has agreed to join us for a Gr8 Support Movement Webinar.

A Community Circle brings two or more people together around someone who wants a little help to make a change in their life. That change can be anything – from getting out and about more, to starting a new hobby or restarting an old one, or creating opportunities to spend more time with friends or family.

Everyone then works towards making this change happen with the support of a volunteer Community Circles Facilitator. The Facilitator keeps meetings flowing, following a tried-and-tested, step-by-step process that ensures that conversations are focused and lead to actions.

So…how is this different to a Circle of Support? WELL….JOIN THE WEBINAR AND FIND OUT!

You can see more about Community Circles here:

Go on….join us! 1pm on Wednesday 28th March.  If you are a Gr8 Support Member just e-mail and we’ll send you a link to join.  You just need a computer connected to the internet or a phone to join by phone.

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