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James is ALWAYS achieving!

James is a young man with Asperger’s who has turned his hobby of being a mascot into a providing entertainment for children’s parties and assisting at charity events. At first when James expressed that he enjoyed wearing giant sized mascot themed character outfits, no one in the support team had a clue, but as time has gone on James has educated us all on the importance of this role.

At the children’s parties, James as the mascot is the central part of the entertainment, dancing, signing autographs and engaging everybody in laughter and fun. To date James has now been a mascot actively participating in football and rugby events, charity activities, local community festivals and sponsored walks.

Recently James has been involved in designing his own unique ‘Mango Soar, flavoured craft beer’, in partnership with Gypsy Hill brewery and Certitude as part of a campaign entitled ‘Hops Not Hate’. This campaigns objective is to highlight the serious matter of Hate Crime directed towards people with autism and disabilities and opening up discussion for the need for better social integration to avoid loneliness and isolation for individuals. On first meeting James and getting to know his character I informed him that one day he would be famous. Working in line with this objective the new craft beer being launched in major stores and supermarket this week has a picture of James on the front of the can and he is over the moon about his great personal achievement.

As a Certitude staff team we are very proud to be a part of James’s person centred support, witnessing his confidence, happiness and skills grow is for us all is the added bonus. #Gr8SupportMovement #Gr8Support #Gr8Supportis #Connecting #Community

Mark Wallis Certitude manager 29/8/18

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