Loneliness and the desire for a hug

Most weeks a moment, a conversation, a look stays with us.  Last week, for us, it was a conversation with a man about his deep sense of loneliness, his desire for a hug.

A life in service land, a life of rules around him to ‘protect him’ and people not truly listening to recognise such deep loneliness.

We are working with self-advocates and supporters. Here are some of the 10 tips from self-advocates created in just the second workshop:
– Take a real interest in how we feel, don’t rush us
– Don’t tell us what to do, help us explain our feelings and work out what to do
– With us, work out how to talk about things with our parents. We want them to understand how we feel.

Good tips we reckon!!

We look forward to working with this man and others in the project ‘Relationships, Love and Emotions’ over the next year to figure out how people can be both freed and supported to connect with others, to experience good ordinary lives.   Working together to AFFECT REAL CHANGE will mean we all have to be brave, to make sure people are heard, that systematic barriers are challenged……the way the people are engaging so far we know that something good is going to happen.

Loneliness, isolation, a sense of looking ‘in from the outside’….all emotions and experiences people talk to us about on a regular basis.    Over the next 6 months we have some projects starting to support all to keep focused on ensuring good ordinary lives for all.  Our existing offer can be seen here.

One of these is a workshop with David Pitonyak in London on the 3rd Dec.  See David talking here….‘Hardwired for Belonging.’   The workshop ‘The Importance of Belonging’ will explore how being connected to the people we love is critical to our emotional and physical well-being.  As we mentioned above many people experiencing our services are sick from loneliness.  This workshop is about creating ideas for moving beyond interventions and coverage to a system that supports enduring, freely chosen relationships.   More info soon!

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