Lucy Hurst-Brown

Lucy believes it is all about people and enabling them to find their very best. We know that in genuinely good social care we are great listeners to those we support. In turn this allows us to work with people in ways that meet their needs and aspirations, enhancing their skills, independence, life quality, personal control and freedom. Organisations providing this support need to ensure their workforce find their very best too. Organisations that manage this well, as a rule, have great leaders. Lucy has formed this view during some 25 years in social care, the last 17 of which have been as a charity CEO. The key question is (and coaching is all about questions), what are these leaders doing?

In her pursuit of this question, Lucy qualified as an ILM Coach in 2011 and has become highly experienced at working with people in demanding jobs, and in particular leaders; helping them to personally develop their skills and personal resilience, in order to find their own way through what is all too often a fast moving and complex maze. While getting alongside individuals, she is familiar and comfortable in working with a range of coaching tools and models when useful/relevant. She is always keen to connect people with current leadership thinking and literature, that can expand their understanding, insight, self- awareness and practice.

Lucy brings continuing significant experience of doing the job too, with extensive expertise in workforce development, business development, person centered practices, strategic planning and business planning. She has direct experience of working in both large and small organisations, frequently dealing with complex challenges. She is an advocate of life-long learning, and as a leader taken comfort and inspiration from this, while being ‘at the helm’ during an unprecedented time of austerity, complexity and pace of change.

Finally, she intentionally seeks to ‘walk the talk’, by having a personal coach to stretch herself and so ensure her own ongoing learning.

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