‘Are you prepared to resist limitations?’

As part of our Inclusive Leadership Lab we hosted a great online conversation with Nan Carle chatting with John O’Brien.

The aim of the conversation was to bring to life the first of the five Principles of Inclusive Leadership developed by Nan Carle.  So this week our focus was on  ‘Managing Meaning’.

Now, a much as ever, there is a palpable need for leaders to promote meaning and enable a new generation to follow and develop inclusive practices. We have to focus on creating ways of supporting our communities to include all our members and to fight against stereotypes and systems that keep us apart.

John had written a paper Trouble with Person Centered Planning for the discussion. Nan started the conversation by asking what had inspired him to write the paper.

The response?  ‘Frustration, not inspiration!’

John went onto explain frustration caused by a recent decision in one area of America to implement regulations saying, that a Person Centred Plan had to be submitted for each person to secure funding.

Sounds familiar eh?  I remember, all too well, the sudden appearance of ‘PCP’s’ following Valuing People in 2001, many far from person centred or person led in any way!

This ‘forced’ planning seems to assume, as John explained, that you can ‘command’ or ‘commission’ the type of relationship necessary to ensure planning with individuals is meaningful and powerful.

The beauty, honesty and action that comes from person centred planning, based on respect, curiosity, discovery and relationship is at risk of being taken over by command and control!

How do we move forward?

John writes…..

‘The wonder is that even in a world dominated by system rationality people can choose to resist its limits and transcend those limits by supporting one another to act outside it’s boundaries in the shared search for conditions of a good life

– Are you prepared to resist the limitations and deeply listen with your heart and mind?

– Are you prepared to focus on and encourage people to see what is possible and support them to set out and grab it!

The members of our Inclusive Leadership Lab are rising to this challenge – managing the meaning of their work. We are looking forward to continuing our work with them in the months ahead.

Lets remember why we came into this work and learn to be more of that person. Lets engage in a mutual exploration about what is possible!

Here are some Tips for Surviving from Nan Carle.

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