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Films are a powerful way to share ideas and examples of how people can be supported to live ordinary lives.   We’ll keep adding to this library for videos focused on quality support for living.

If you have a film you are happy to share PLEASE DO send it to us:

Everybody Hurts

A powerful film from Pembrokeshire People First. It highlights so much of the Ordinary Life network conversations ….. and the very ordinary things people want in their lives! We need to remove the blocks that get in the way.

Independence and support. Advocacy A2A

A powerful film – really makes you think!

Published on Jul 21, 2014
Advocacy film about ‘Independence and support’ made for Access to Advocacy (real lives real Choices) by The Twisting Ducks Theatre Company.

A real life, a real home

Watch “a real life, a real home” over on the Inclusive Films site.

Watch “a real life, a real home” over on the Inclusive Films site.

A real life, a real home (with subtitles)

Watch this wonderful video, “A real life, a real home”. These are stories about eight people with learning disabilities or autism, the kinds of support they receive and the varied ways they have gained a real home of their own and are living their own lives.

Complain for change

Sometimes complaining can make a difference. Watch this video from the Parliamentary Ombudsman about complaining about your doctors or dentist.

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