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Scottish Commission for Learning Disability. Support Worker awards and more!

We’ve only just caught this in time BUT it’s not to late for our Change Makers in Scotland to nominate someone in this and other categories. You may of course, already have done this. Here is the link:…
It’s great to see such thought and action focused on celebrating young people with learning disabilities. You can see all the info here:…

Here is a snippet from the Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD):
‘2018 marks the ‘Year of Young People’ in Scotland, and the theme for Learning Disability Week reflects that. ‘My Generation’ will focus the country’s attention on the experiences of young people with learning disabilities in Scotland.
The ‘My Generation’ theme is also a great way for older people with learning disabilities to highlight how much Scotland has changed during their lifetime. We will be encouraging people with learning disabilities of all ages to reflect on the things that summed up their younger lives.
What problems do young people face, and what needs to change to make sure this generation is able to reach their goals in life? What are the best parts of being a young person with learning disabilities in Scotland today? Are there opportunities that there might not have been in the past? How can young people overcome the barriers they still face? Have attitudes changed and what role has technology played in people’s lives?
No matter what young people want to focus on during Learning Disability Week, we will be sharing lots of exciting opportunities to get these messages out there.’

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