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Connecting people and ideas and action IS one of the ways Paradigm support ALL to learn and develop their ideas and practice!

As we travel the country and beyond we grab any opportunity we can to capture ideas and action on film. Simple films to share people’s voices. ALL people who have shared their ideas and stories here are very happy for you to use the films…in training, team meetings, with families. Wherever you think they will be useful!

Happy watching and sharing.

Phoebe Caldwell Intensive Interaction Training Video

A training video from Phoebe Caldwell. This was first shared in 2010 but is one of the videos often used in Intensive Interaction training. Just watch this amazing interaction.

Sally Warren in conversation with John O’Brien ‘Healing Integrity Gaps’ Part 1 of 3

In this, Part 1, John explains that we say we want people we support to live ordinary lives but we are discovering that their freedom is limited by the way we structure support. It’s not about only making things somewhat better…it’s about making things better where our integrity is at stake.

Pt 2 Healing Integrity Gaps Sally Warren in conversation with John O’Brien

In part 2 John talks about the danger of getting caught filling our time with ‘busyness’. We keep finding ourselves in traps. The reality is that resources and therefore time to move in shrinking. Time is a precious resource. We need to give some thought to how we open up some flexible, creative time.

Part 3 Healing Integrity Gaps. Sally Warren and others in conversation with John O’Brien

In part 3 John chats about how it’s our job to join peope in seeking what they want. About how tt’s not always easy to figure out, but if we figure ways of joining people, it will be frautrating, we will feel limited and fallible – but we must aim to align with people’s deep desires and highest potential.

Just Because We’re Different – Suzie Fothergill

Suzie Fothergill’s moving song was sung at the launch of Learning Disability Alliance England (LDA England) in Manchester 2014.

It’s a Cogworld!

In John O’Brien’s paper ‘Suriviving Cogworld’ he highlights interlocking trends in managing our system of assistance for people with developmental disabilities that worry him deeply. Here is a song written by Peter Leidy following a conversation with John.

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