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Connecting people and ideas and action IS one of the ways Paradigm support ALL to learn and develop their ideas and practice!

As we travel the country and beyond we grab any opportunity we can to capture ideas and action on film. Simple films to share people’s voices. ALL people who have shared their ideas and stories here are very happy for you to use the films…in training, team meetings, with families. Wherever you think they will be useful!

Happy watching and sharing.

My Life, My Say, My Way (National Advocacy Service Ireland)

Published on Sep 9, 2013
This animation piece features the voice of a person who worked with an advocate from the National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities in Ireland (NAS).

Sticks and Stones (Avenues Group Aug 2014)

Sticks and Stones is a stark illustration about the impact of negative labelling on people’s lives.
See the Person.
Made by Community Futures:

Inclusive Leadership Lab feedback

So good to get feedback and hear how our Inclusive Leadership Lab made a real difference. New leadership lab being announced for 2014 – 2015 soon!

The Importance of good supporters (Jackie Downer)

Jackie Downer (MBE), a friend and Associate of Paradigm explains the importance of good support AND some of the essential for her in relation to good support.

The Be Free Festival Dance

Friends of Paradigm dance the Be Free Festival Dance! Can you learn the dance and share a film of you dancing?



A short film from our Roller Coaster ride of an Ordinary Life workshop at the the Inclusive Community Experience – ICE 2014

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