In the Thick of It – A Personalised Programme for Today’s Leaders

Are you facing the toughest time that you can remember during your career? All the management theory tells us that excellent leadership is a crucial ingredient if we want to get excellent results. Austerity has brought with it enormous additional challenges for leaders in social care; never has there been a time in our sector when great leadership is as important!

At Paradigm, we exist to support organisations that work with people with learning disabilities in their role as catalysts for real and positive change. Right now we find ourselves required to deliver much more with far fewer resources.
We know that inspiring and effective leadership is one of the keys to meeting this challenge. That’s why we are stepping into this space at this time.

You may be new to your role and would value someone helping you to work through your challenges, or equally much ‘longer in the tooth’ and would value some fresh inspiration.
Either way, we are here to help with a brand new Paradigm coaching offer.

You can set to work on your issues with one of three highly experienced sector leaders, who are still out there ‘in the thick of it’ wrestling with the same challenges as you.

for more information about the course, please visit: In the thick of it 

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“The course was mind-blowing, inspiring, nurturing, challenging, emotional, motivating and rewarding (to name just a few things)." Marie-Claire

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